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Become a martial artist.

Youth & Adult Karate Program

(A) Core | The YAKP translate to (Youth and Adult Karate) are martial arts classes for ages between 3 - 99 year old students. The martial arts training exercises are designed to help students gain confidence, self-control, and more. 

Instructor Ordination Program

(A) Core | This is a program to help a student earn credentials in teaching martial arts through the YAKP curriculum, and to receive a USMAO approved certified black-belt instructor license.

Karate Leadership Program

(#7) Elective | This is a program designed only for active green-belt students who are seeking in depth explanation of martial arts movement, techniques, and traditional Katas through the YAKP. It is going to challenge students in becoming martial sound.

Master's Development Program

(A) Core | This is a program tailored for dojo owners or certified black belt instructors, who are seeking a career in the martial arts industry while doing what they love.

Martial Arts Leadership

(A) Core | The Martial Arts Leadership are a group of students who has completed the YAKP curriculum. Their mission is to promote humility, respect, honor, and generosity to improve our community through martial arts culture and tradition.

Elective Classes

Enhance your martial arts skills with these elective classes.  #1| Balintawak Eskrima, #2| DeCuerdas Eskrima, #3| Sensei E Jujitsu, #4| Women Stretch Exercises, #5| FMA Kickboxing, #6| Kali Fighting Class. #7| Karate Leadership Program.


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