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Daniel R, CA

"My six year old daughter has been attending KaliUSA for a year now. My daughters confidence level has sky rocketed!! My daughter and my family have learned a lot from this journey. It's one of my best decision as a parent to have her train in the martial arts. This is getting her ready for life struggles! Mr Serveno and his family has been super great with the kids! I highly recommend all parent to come see our class! You have a one week free trail! So make the call or just show up!"

Melissa E, CA

"Kali USA has been such a great family environment for our son. He has been learning skills that he's able to use both inside and outside of the dojo. We love the Kali family and are very grateful to be able to join the team."

Denise R, CA

“Every time I come in to pick up my niece, I'm always greeted by the sweetest staff ever! My niece loves it here too and can't stop talking about it lol! Overall great place to learn and you always feel welcomed.”


How much is it?

$150 to start, thereafter $135 tuition payments every 26 days. (Note: these prices can change without notice, call your local dojo for details.) The initial start up fee of estimated $150 (includes annual membership, karate pants, belt, and a training tee-shirt.) Receive 5% off towards the tuition payment through autopay.

What does Kali USA teach?

Kali USA primarily teaches its core Karate classes (e.g. empty-hand, contact fighting, self-defense movements, physical training, etc.) This system was inspired by Tang Soo Do taught by Grand Master Cordoncillo, then passed down to Professor Zarza, and who later recognized Sensei Servano as his black-belt instructor. Kali USA also partnered with credible Masters in a variety of system like, Kada Anan DeCuerdas, Atillo Balintawak, ETMA Kenpo Jujitsu, and not limited to these martial arts system. They have carefully selected these styles of martial arts that they felt would benefit students in becoming a well-rounded martial artist.

What age can I start training?

3 years old students are usually the recommended age to start training in Karate. The Kali USA training programs are designed to separate classes by age groups, such as 3 -5 years old, 6 -8 years old, 9 -17 years, and adults. See calendar for class schedule.

Can I try a free class to see if I will like the program?

Yes, you can try it for free with the permission of the Sensei or instructor in charge of that specific class. Visit a Kali USA Martial Arts school for details.

Can I enroll in the Karate Leadership Program?

No, also known as KLP is a program tailored for advanced students (green-belt & above,) must show proof of rank to participate in this program.

Can I enroll in Balintawak classes only?

Yes, and currently Kali USA annual membership is $40 plus a $90 processing fee to start-up. This fee is included with 4 FREE Classes of Balintawak. Thereafter, a $175 tuition payment per cycle will be charge to your account. Since Balintawak are elective classes and supervised by their own board, there might be additional club fees required through their organization.

I hold a black-belt from another system, can I help teach?

No, we offer the Instructor Ordination Program that helps align your martial arts experience with the USMAO Karate curriculum. This process is usually a one-on-one training with the chief instructor and participation in quarterly clinics.

My child is a black-belt, will they start over?

No, there is usually an age requirement to receive a USMAO certified black-belt instructor license through our system. However, we will help your child align their martial knowledge with the USMAO YAKP curriculum. In the meantime, your child will wear a white-belt in class, and we will continue to help fast-track their journey.

What other expenses should I expect?

The YAKP requires a karate student to participate in belt-examinations that are conducted 3 times a year. These exams are estimated to cost $75 and up to $550, depending what certificate of rank a student requires.

Does my child need sparring gears?

No, however if your child is enrolled in the 3 -5 years old classes, that will require a student to wear a head-gear, sparring gloves, and foot-pads (est. $150) to participate in those classes.

Do you teach DeCuerdas eskrima?

Yes, and DeCuerdas eskrima is a Filipino Martial Arts that focuses on blade methods. Kali USA is a chapter of the Kada Anan Martial Arts Association, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. An appointed Kada Anan associate at Kali USA is licensed to teach Larga Mano, Serrada, and the DeCuerdas system.

Do you teach BJJ?

No, and Kali USA teaches the old style jujitsu training and curriculum that was taught by Professor McKenzie of the Salinas Kodenkan Jujitsu. Kali USA has branched out and created a curriculum that meets minimum expectation. Kali USA certifies jujitsu students up to the rank of 1st degree black belt.

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