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About Kali USA

Our Martial Arts Journey

It is said that a wise man will go through a development process that will consist of three phases such as, a “phase of discovery,” then a “phase of uncover,” and lastly, a “phase of nirvana.” Our historical Karate training will help students experience these phases.


Our daily Karate training procedures are designed to teach students in their respective levels, stages, and competencies. When a student reaches nirvana, the Karate program redirects them back to basic training, and start again. It is truly a full circle experience. Martial arts training exercises are interminable and enhances the mind, body, and spirit.

Our fundamental of martial arts system are inspired by traditional fighting methods, but taught sometimes unconventionally. Our curriculum is intended to only supplement teaching of Karate done by our certified and approved chief instructors and their associates. The martial arts system are inspired by a sacred and historical Chinese boxing. It is also known as, Tang Soo Do, or loosely translated as, The Way of the “Tang” (China) Dynasty Hand. The origin of these martial arts date back between 617 AD and 907 AD, and the people of Okinawa, Japan embraced it, and then later helped improve the arts and fighting methods through research and development. Today, we’ve learned to know this system as, Karate.


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform students into a true martial artist one at a time. Instill the mindset to start and finish individualistic goals and together fulfill our Karate school’s commitment in creating better communities through the acts of humility, respect, honor, and generosity.

The Vision

Our vision is to create a safe environment for our community through martial arts traditions and cultures.

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